About the Association

“Association of Biopharmaceutical Drug Manufacturers in Latvia” (BRAL) was established in 2012. Currently, 11 biopharmaceutical companies are represented in the association.

The aim of the association is to promote the development of a sustainable, high-performance healthcare system in Latvia, in which patients would have access to personalized, high-quality, innovative and effective therapy.

The main activities of the Association:

  • To promote professional discussions on biopharmaceutical issues among BRAL members, other interest groups - organizations, experts and state institutions.
  • To promote the arrangement of the regulatory framework for the movement of biological medicinal products, the development and implementation of legislative initiatives for the continuous advancement and improvement of the availability of these medicinal products in Latvia.
  • To promote the allocation of adequate financial resources to biopharmacy and biodiagnostics, ensuring the availability of these medicines and diagnostic services to the inhabitants of Latvia.
  • Engage in processes and initiatives aimed at improving economically viable healthcare systems and the services provided to them, including increasingly comprehensive implementation of the accessibility of personalized medicine.

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